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Fertilization Programs

Our Turf Fertilization Programs are some of the best in our area. Our programs INCLUDE an immediate Soil Analysis to determine what your specific turfs needs are. A program is then created custom-made for your lawn. A licensed lawn-applicator provides lawn assessments throughout the season, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Initial estimates can be provides within MINUTES over the phone, in most cases.

Benefits of a Fertilizer Program

  • Visually appealing lush, green grass.
  • Encourages thick healthy grass (No bare spots!)
  • Turf weed management results in beautiful green turf, NOT weeds!

Benefits of Fall Aeration & Over-seeding Lawn

  • Allows nutrients, oxygen, and water to enter grassroots.
  • Rejuvenates your lawn and promotes healthy root growth.
  • Combats soil compaction, lawn thatch, and foot traffic stress.
  • Helps fill in bare or thin spots to create thick and dense turf.

5-step Program

  • (1) Spring Soil Analyis Probe/Test
  • (4) Fertilizer Applications
  • (1) Turf weed spray application

6-step Program

  • (1) Free Spring Soil Analysis Probe/Test
  • (5) Fertilizer applications throughout growing season
  • (1) Turf weed spray application

** These programs are only templates. Programs are custom-made based on customers wants and needs **

Additional Options

  • Additional Early-Spring Weed-Preventative Fertilizer Application
  • Additional Turf Weed Spray
  • Grub Control Application
  • Fall Core Aeration
  • Fall Overseeding Application